Greenfields Carp Fishery

Home for our wildlife - Proud to be Carbon Negative

Equipment / Baits

All members and their guests must possess and use the following equipment. The sharing of equipment is not permitted.
Maximum of 2 rods or 1 pole (or one of each) per person. Boat and beach rods are not permitted.
4lbs (2kgs) to 8lbs (3.5kgs) are the only line weights permitted. Braided line is not permitted.
Barbless hooks size 12 to 20 only. Barbed and micro barbed hooks are not permitted.
Landing net with minimum opening of 40cm and un-hooking mat are both essential.
Disgorger and soft cloth for removing deep swallowed hooks required.
Keep nets are not permitted except in pre-arranged matches.
No rod alarms, personal stereo equipment (unless muted by headphones) or other noise making equipment.

Antiseptic solution is now an essentiel piece of equipment We recommend "Steri-7 Prologic Spray" or "Kryston Medi-Skin". Either/Both of these are available to buy at cost price from the Bailiff.  

Permitted Baits
Common sense is required as to the types and amounts of baits used, the ponds are shallow (circa 1m deep) and therefore easily soured. We do permit floating baits; care is required so as not to endanger the wildlife (most of which were hatched or born here). The following baits are known to give results:
Sweet corn
Luncheon meat and other processed meats
Bread and dough

Banned Baits
Baits which are not permitted at Greenfields Carp Fishery include; but not limited to:
Any synthetic or plastic baits
Nut based bait and powerbaits
Boilies of any size or description, no pop up boilies
Any other baits as defined by the bailiff at any time