Greenfields Carp Fishery

Home for our wildlife - Proud to be Carbon Negative


So as to ensure the health and safety of our fish as well as to ensure the welfare of the wildlife that call Greenfields their home, it is compulsory to be a member of the fishery (*see below), or come with a member as the member's guest and you must accept the rules of the fishery which are kept deliberately simple to not spoil your experience.

Membership involves a brief meeting with the bailiff to show fishing swims, to ascertain "fishing competence and fishing etiquette" and for the bailiff to clarify the "local" rules. Following the meeting you will be advised as to whether your membership application is successful. You will be asked for proof of address, to pose for a photograph and to pay a joining fee of £10.00 plus the membership fee which is currently £10.00 for a full year from the date of joining.

You can advance book a meeting with the bailiff by calling the fishery on 0118 979 0011 to arrange a mutually acceptable time. This can also be done on the day you intend to use the facilities for the first time and should take no longer than 40 minutes. As a member you will be responsible for adhering to the rules and guidelines, you will also be responsible for ensuring that your guests do the same.

Any breach by yourself and/or your guests could result in the cancellation of your membership without refund. As a member it is very much in your interest to advise the bailiff on site (or by calling 0118 979 0011) of any person you feel is in breach of the rules.

*We do offer a "one time day pass" to give the opportunity for those who do not know the fishery and this is also available to those coming from afar.