Greenfields Carp Fishery

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Our Carp / Other Species

If salmon is king within the streams and rivers of the United Kingdom, then the carp is king of the still waters. Its fighting capabilities and hardiness are known to the keen coarse anglers and Greenfields fishery is known for some of the best fighters.

There are no large specimen-sized fish for which some anglers will sit for days in the hope of getting a bite. Rather our carp range from the tiny up to 20lbs and are much more obliging when it comes to being caught, especially those between 2lbs and 9lbs.    

Species of carp to be found:
Common carp ~ small scales covering the entire body of the fish.   
Mirror carp (fully scaled) ~ mirror-like scales covering the entire body of the fish.     
Mirror carp (linear or random) ~ mirror-like scales in a line or of random pattern, with the remainder of the fish without scales.   
Leather carp ~ no scales (nude) on any part of the fish.    
Crucian carp ~ smaller and more brown in colour without the barbules around their mouths.     
Goldfish carp ~ from local homes no longer wanting their pets :-) 

Other species:

Tench (new for 2022)