Welcome to Greenfields Carp Fishery.

Greenfields Carp Fishery is little known and we like it that way so membership is compulsory so as to ascertain "fishing competence and fishing etiquette" as well as to ensure that our few rules are being observed.

Tucked down a country lane just 1/2 mile from the many homes of Wokingham is a small complex of 5 fishing ponds known mostly to the locals since before 1964. A total water area in excess of 11/2 acres with an average depth of around 1 to 11/2 metres - perfect for carp. Ponds 2 to 5 are linked so the fish have the freedom to roam. We have tried to keep the fishery as natural as possible with unkempt foliage so as to give more of a feel of a river bank and giving plenty of camouflage from the fish sight lines.

There is ample car parking and toilet facilities all very accessible. There is no catering on site; but the Co-operative local shop is about 1/2 mile away, our nearest tackle shop is KC Sports about 2 miles away beside Wokingham train station.

On arrival at the fishery members may set up and start fishing. The bailiff will sell members their day ticket on passing.

Non-members should call the bailiff 0118 979 0011 prior to coming to the fishery so as to discuss the availability and possibility of membership.

The bailiff will if required offer advice on the best method of catching fish at Greenfields and best baits and will also check that all our rules are being observed. Please be prepared to show the hooks and baits you are using and that you have all the compulsory equipment as described in the "local rules" section of this website.

Whilst with us we do ask you to respect the facilities and your fellow fishermen, there is ample space so do not sit too close to others and do not permit your baits to interfere with their space. We have provided plenty of bins and ask that you place all refuse therein, unused bait can be thrown in the water.

Like any open space this is shared with wildlife and discarded rubbish can be harmful to the ducks and moorhens whilst attracting less favourable vermin, your co-operation in this is much appreciated.

A great place for the keen angler and also for those wishing to perfect their skills. Under 14s must be accompanied and have prior consent, they should not be disheartened as it is rare that anyone blanks, except perhaps in the depths of winter when the temperatures plummet. Most times be prepared to catch several fine examples in excellent condition and really bag up at the height of summer with a carp at practically every cast.

When it is time to leave we ask that you take nothing away with you other than what you brought and a satisfied smile. In turn leave nothing behind other than in the bins provided.